FOXG1 Proband Entry

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Entry ID: fp32

Systematic name: c.624C>G

Protein name: p.Tyr208*

Alternate name(s):

Mutation type: nonsense

Domain: Forkhead binding domain

Pathogenicity class: pathogenic variant

Gender: Female

Phenotype: Rett syndrome

Other mutation: NK

Chromosomal abnormality: Not known

Method of testing: NK

Source of DNA:

Familial testing: No

Control screening: No


Source: Roche-Martinez, A., Gerotina, E., Armstrong-Moron, J., Sans-Capdevila, O., Pineda, M. (2012) FOXG1, a new gene responsible for the congenital form of Rett syndrome. Rev Neurol 52:597-602. Pubmed ID: 21488007

Publication ID:


Entry last updated on: 2018-06-26 10:38:56

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c.624C>G p.Tyr208* Rett syndrome - sporadic Female 19578037 Mencarelli, M.A. et al (2010) fp10

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