FOXG1 Database


Welcome to the FOXG1 section of RettBASE, which contains information pertaining to FOXG1 mutation and polymorphism data from published literature, as well as data directly submitted to us from laboratories or researchers.

You may browse or search for FOXG1 mutation and polymorphism data using the various links below. The FOXG1 database can be queried by one of two formats: variant or proband. The 'proband' style search is comparable with the existing MECP2 RettBASE search functions, and includes basic information (such as phenotype, familial/control screening results). The 'variant' search allows users to view only the information pertaining to the variant, and may be useful for those interested in the pathogenicity classification or functional effects of a particular variant.

In addition to a table display, users may also view the full comprehensive data for any particular single variant/proband as a form. Simply click on the cDNA nomenclature (for the variant form) or the proband ID number (for the proband form) in any of the results in the tabular format.

Please send us any feedback/suggestions/bug reports.

General information on mutation nomenclature can be found on our resources pages.

Variant Proband
Full list of FOXG1 variants Full list of FOXG1 probands
Variant search page Proband search page
Variant stats page Proband stats page
Summary of mutations
FOXG1 variant chart
List of FOXG1 publications