Instructions for Submitters:

Instructions for Submitters.

There are several ways that your mutation data can be submitted to RettBASE:
  1. Submit your existing database or spreadsheet of mutation results to us in a single document. We will in most instances be able to design scripts that will allow us to directly transfer all relevant information into the database without having the re-enter data (thereby avoiding transcription errors of the human kind). This is the ideal method for data submission if you have already performed a significant number patient studies.

  2. Complete the on-line submission form. Before you can do this you will need to register as a submitter. Once you have done this, you will have a login name and password, and if you use this you will no longer have to provide your details every time you wish to submit a new set of mutation data.

  3. Print the data submission form from here and manually complete it, and fax it to our secure fax line (612 9845 1864) . This form is an Acrobat document. If you do not have the software to open this document, you can download the Acrobat software from here

Important Notes:

Each mutation will be issued with a unique identifier number that will be used to link the patient with her/his clinical data in the IRSA Clinical Database. We have modified an Excel based document that can generate this unique identifier, based on the patient's name (including first, middle and last) and the date of birth. In recognition of the concerns that researchers may have with regards to patient confidentiality, there are several ways in which this identifier number can be generated.

  1. You can provide us with the patient name (remember first, middle [if the patient has one] and last name) and date of birth, and we will generate the identifier number. The identifying details will reside behind our secure firewall, preventing possible unauthorised access.

  2. You download the Excel ID generator file from here and create the ID number yourself. This number can then be included in the submission form you complete for the patient.

We very highly value your contribution to RettBASE, and in recognition of this you will be listed as a collaborator in this venture. In addition, we welcome any questions or comments.