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Welcome to the MECP2 Search Engine Site! This site is dedicated to serving the MECP2 database. Please feel free to contact us ( with specific requests, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


This part of the site allows the user to retrieve specific sets of MECP2db data.
Currently the following search types are available:
Views Searches
Table of Mutations Single criteria
Mutation Frequencies - by nucleotide count Advanced combined criteria
Mutation Frequencies - by nucleotide change
Mutation Frequencies - by amino acid count
Graph of mutations

MECP2db Data Submission:

MECP2 Online Data Submission Forms. These can be used to enter data directly into the database, Curators will be automatically notified of new entries.
Instructions for submitters Online data submission [Registered users only]
User registration PDF format data submission form
Spreadsheet for generating proband ID. Word format data submission form
PDF format Glossary of Search Items

Useful MECP2 Resources for Researchers:

Mutation Nomenclature (PDF) General information for the Public
Nomenclature for Complex Mutations(PDF) General information for Researchers
MeCP2 homologues in other species New!

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MECP2 data is curated by: Dr. John Christodoulou formerly with Andrew Grimm.
The MECP2 database and website are maintained by the Western Sydney Genetics Program.

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